Dallas Simpson - Binaural Sound Art

About Dallas Masters

We are CD Mastering facility specializing in creating CD Audio Masters and DDP File sets for replication to manufactured CD's.

The audio you provide for us, whether analogue or digital, will be carefully mastered to bring out the sonic detail and appropriate loudness, or if necessary simply left as you supply it to us. We can add ISRC Codes, Barcode and CD text to the digital data, generate a PQ Sheet (tracklist, ISRC codes and detailed track and album times) and a data verification sheet for the final master.

We can also create Enhanced CD's containing CD Audio and CDROM section on the same disc with video files and other data.

Other audio related tasks we can perform include file format, bit rate and sample rate conversions, location recording, binaural recording, studio recording, audio archiving and backup facilities.

Studio Rates £45.00 per hour. Large projects negotiable.






Dallas Masters