Dallas Simpson - Binaural Sound Art


Studio recording

We have capacity for recording voice and individual instruments using a variety of microphones, including SM57, SM58, AKG C1000S, DPA4060 and Soundfield Mk V. Audio can be sent to analogue tape using our Tascam BR20, or to a variety of digital formats using Prism Dream AD-1, RME ADI-8 QS, and RME Hammerfall Multiface A to D converters at up to 24 bit 192kHz sampling rate.

Location Recording

In addition to the Mastering Service, we can also undertake location recording using the Soundfield Mk V surround sound microphone, a remarkable 'one shot' system allowing full surround Ambisonic recording to 4 channel B Format, which can also be re-encoded to Dolby® 5.1 surround Sound 2 channel stereo or Mid Side formats - all from the one microphone!

Binaural Recording

The owner and chief engineer of dallas MASTERS, Dallas Simpson, is experienced in recording binaural headphone surround sound and is available to create binaural (headphone surround sound) recordings and even binaural remixes of multichannel audio.

Dallas has over 12 years of professional binaural recording experience and has produced binaural (headphone surround sound) albums for Rick Wakeman, Troy Donockley and Dave Bainbridge (Iona), Roger Eno, Howard Riley, Gordon Giltrap, Martin Stephenson and others.

In the field of sound art he has recorded binaural works with Max Eastley, Viv Corringham, Derek Shiel, and has performed several times for the London Placard Headphone Event.

Dallas Masters